Three Women’s Rights Statues in Central Park

statues in central park

Currently, Central Park is home to two dozen statues of men. Next year, however, the park will have three statues honoring three women’s rights pioneers. This will break the “bronze ceiling” that has spanned 166 years in the park.

The new monuments will feature two Upstate New York suffragists. The statues will be unveiled in August to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment.

The process of placing the sculpture in the park took seven years. Over $1 million was spent in private funding. A Public Design Commission chose Meredith Bergmann’s design from 91 submissions.

Many people have debated whether or not the statues should honor Stanton and Anthony. Bergmann hopes that the sculpture will inspire young people. In addition, the monument will raise funds to support an educational program.

One of the oldest statues in the park is Eagles and Prey. It was sculpted in Paris, France in 1850. Gordon Webster Burnham donated the statue. It depicts a goat wedged between rocks.

The Alice in Wonderland statue was sculpted by Jose de Creeft. It depicts a scene from the Lewis Carroll novel. The Cheshire Cat looks over Alice’s shoulder. The White Rabbit and Mad Hatter also appear. The statue is 11 feet tall. The Alice statue has received a lot of love from locals.

The James Wilson Alexander MacDonald monument is near The Mall. It is made of bronze and was hot waxed again in 1992.