st patricks cathedral shop

St Patrick’s Cathedral is one of the best-known landmarks in New York City. It is the largest Gothic Revival structure in North America. It was conceived and built in the 1850s. The church’s construction was interrupted by the Civil War, but it was completed shortly afterward.

Today, it attracts millions of visitors every year. This makes it a popular place for weddings and other events. There are also guided tours of the Cathedral during the day. In addition, it hosts several concerts, organ recitals, and choir performances. These events help raise money for the upkeep of the Cathedral.

There is a gift shop located within the Cathedral. It is open from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm. Visitors can purchase a variety of items such as books, religious jewelry, and gift bags. During certain times of the year, the Cathedral also operates a museum.

You can also purchase products at the Cathedral’s gift shop online. This is a great way to get the same inventory you would find in person. Many of the products sold are affordable. They include figurines, postcards, CDs, and even reference books about the Cathedral. However, the selection is smaller compared to the store across the street.

The Cathedral gift shop is crowded. That is why it is advisable to visit it at a convenient time. If you are planning to visit the cathedral during a particularly busy period, such as Christmas, it is a good idea to check its hours first.

There are many other places in the city where you can pick up a gift. For example, you can buy a small First Communion gift bag or religious jewelry. Additionally, you can visit the Corcoran Gallery of Art on the campus of George Washington University.

Another option is to visit the Museum of Modern Art. While you are in the area, you can go to the Top of the Rock Observation Deck. Also, you can tour the Cathedral of St. Louis. Each year, it has a concert series that includes choir performances and organ recitals.

St Patrick’s Cathedral has a lot of history. For example, it is the final resting place of nine Archbishops of New York. In addition, it is listed as a National Historic Landmark.

In addition, it serves as the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York. The construction of the cathedral was funded by donations from New York Catholics. As of this writing, it has a total of ten bells. Those bells are named for different saints.

It is a popular destination for tourists, both domestic and international. It is included on several tourist passes. Fortunately, it is easy to schedule a visit to the cathedral in your travel plans. Unlike other tourist attractions, the Cathedral is not free to enter. It can cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $14,000 for a weekend visit.

In addition, the Cathedral is a popular place to hold weddings. Whether you are looking for a unique ceremony location or a traditional venue, the Cathedral has the space to accommodate any number of guests.