Skull Island Reign of Kong

If you’re in the market for a thrilling trackless dark ride, consider Skull Island: Reign of Kong, located at the Universal Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida. This ride is based on the movie “Kong: Skull Island” and is a must-try for fans of the horror genre.

Characters on Skull Island

The game features a variety of characters including Kong, a giant prehistoric creature that is three stories tall and 18 feet wide, and the Vastatosaurus Rex, the largest terrestrial predator on Skull Island. Many believe that this species evolved from the tyrannosaurs over 65 million years ago.

The Reign of Kong ride is the latest addition to Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure. Located between Jurassic Park and Toon Lagoon, this attraction features both 3-D projections and animatronics to take guests on an exciting jungle expedition. Guests will come face-to-face with Kong himself, breathing and roaring in the process.


The Carnictis is a large slug-like monster with sharp, jagged teeth. It engulfs and feeds on its prey. The Arachno-claw is another carnivorous arachnid that hangs out in the swampy caverns of Skull Island. This arachnid’s claws are similar to those of a crab.

The Carnictis is the most repulsive denizen of Skull Island. It is a seven to thirteen-foot-long vermicular carnivore that feeds on the dead and wounded. It has no face and only two rings of teeth.


In Skull Island: Reign of Kong, the Terapusmordax are huge, 8-foot long creatures. They are fierce, aggressive, and extremely fast. They can easily keep up with flying rats and smaller birds. They are found in large upland caverns, where they live in small colonies of up to 12 individuals. They fight constantly amongst themselves, and their eyes are very pungent and offensive to predators.

Terapusmordax are among the largest predators on Skull Island, where they live in colonies deep in the island’s caverns. They are also very territorial and have razor sharp talons. They are able to change direction very quickly and spear their prey.


The Arachno-claw is one of the creatures in Skull Island: Reign of King Kong. This oversized arthropod lives in chasms and caves. When it senses a human being, it crawls up and attacks. It has two crab-like claws under its mouth that it uses to rip its prey into pieces.