planning trip to yankee stadium

Visiting Yankee Stadium is a must-do for baseball fans in NYC. Not only does the stadium boast the home team’s most storied history, but also a number of historical artifacts and landmarks. You can tour the stadium with an expert guide, including Monument Park and the New York Yankees Museum. The tours last between 60 and 90 minutes. The museum has artifacts from the team’s history, such as the locker of Thurman Munson and the statue of Don Larsen throwing a perfect game.

You can make your way to the stadium by taking the subway, but there are also several bus routes that stop at the stadium. If you are traveling to the stadium from outside NYC, you can also use the Metro-North Railroad. The Hudson line departs from Grand Central Station, and it takes about 35 minutes to reach the 161st Street – Yankee Stadium station.

There are also several bike routes that pass by the stadium. A popular option is to use Uber or Lyft. While biking is a fun way to get around the city, the parking can be a hassle. Another option is to drive, but traffic can be a nightmare before and after games. You will need to arrive at the stadium at least 45 minutes before the game starts. If you drive, you should also make sure that you leave enough time for parking. Parking can be difficult to find, especially at the Yankee Stadium.

Another option for getting to the stadium is to take a yellow taxi. However, a taxi from Manhattan to the stadium will cost at least $20 to $30. Another option is to rent a car. You can also save time and money by taking a bus. There are several bus routes that pass by the stadium, but you may have to wait in traffic.

If you are traveling from a different borough, you can find directions to the stadium on the Yankee Stadium website. The website also has a virtual seating map, which will give you an idea of what seats are available for your game. The Yankee Stadium website also offers tips on how to save money when you visit.

There are also several tours of the stadium, including the Hands-On History tour. This tour allows you to interact with artifacts from the stadium, such as the press box and the Dugout. There are also several other tours, including one that gives you a tour of Monument Park. If you choose a tour, be sure to arrive at the stadium at least an hour before the game. This will give you plenty of time to explore the stadium before the game begins.

If you would like to make your trip even more memorable, you can visit the Yankees Museum, which features artifacts from the team’s rich history. There are also a number of retired numbers that tell the stories of Yankee immortals. There are also banners highlighting the greats of the team, as well as a statue of Don Larsen throwing a perfect ball.